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Shoreline Clean Ups &  Adopt a beach programs

  • The International Shoreline Cleanup is in its 30th year and takes place once a year, all over the world.
  • We will be picking up trash that comes down our creeks into the Bay and then into the Ocean. The clean-up locations are chosen depending on where the tides and currents blow the trash onto the shoreline.These areas of the Bay are like a big dirty bathtub ring. Typically, 80% of the litter we pick up comes from inland, not the ocean. Some of the shoreline areas we are cleaning are part of the East shore State Park, which extends along the shoreline between Emeryville and Richmond. The clean-up provides a wonderful, empowering reason to connect the cities, to make a difference and to explore the unique shoreline areas. We encourage neighbors to do community service to clean up the Aquatic Park.

  • Groups of 10 or more need to to preregister for all clean-ups by calling 510-981-6720.

    Individual and small groups can just show up on the day, see below.

    The clean-up is is sponsored by organizations and government agencies such as the California Coastal Commission. You can also visit the Commission at  

    This year, Sept 20th 2014 Results.  Along the shorelines of the cities of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville, 858  volunteers picked up over 4,313lbs of trash and 557 lbs of recyclable. Top Items this year were 21,876 small plastic pieces, 19,907 foam pieces,  8,810 cigarette butts, 8,728 food wrappers, 7,349 bottle caps, 4,684 foam packaging, 3,226 straws and stirrers, 2,818 plastic "one use" beverage bottles!  We actually had over 101,137 individual pieces picked up and tallied!    This data that was collected will change laws and alert YOU the consumer that maybe we don't need to buy these items...

    It took place at the mouth of three creeks, and along our east shoreline and all around the Berkeley Marina. This was a great opportunity for parents and kids to work together on cleaning up the environment, and is also a popular opportunity to earn service-learning credit!

    Thank-you so very much for coming to clean, it really makes a difference. Unfortunately, rain that cleaned your street, washed the trash down the creeks and storm drains onto our shores. They are already covered again with trash and need your help. Once a year does not do it any more. We need everyone everyday to clean-up, so adopt 10 feet in front of your home or storm drain and clean it once a day.

    You and your group can Adopt-A-Shoreline and do two or more clean-ups a year. We'll help!
    The Adopt-A-Shoreline Program give you the opportunity to take care of a specific section of the shoreline and watch it change over the season. Schools can adopt a beach in one visit.

  • We can meet with group leaders prior to the date of the cleanup to walk the site, go over logistics, safety considerations, what kind of trash is recyclable and where to put the filled trash buckets/bags, how to fill out the data cards and more.
    When the group arrives, we will start with a presentation on how to do the clean-up and the Synthetic Seas video about the global impact plastic is having on our oceans and waterways. It changes the experience from "Why do I have to pick up other peoples' trash?" to "Wow, I had no idea! What can I do to help?"
    We will show them the area they will clean and how to do it. We provide a map of the location, data cards, bags, gloves, and sharps containers. If you can provide your own gloves and a reusable bucket it helps even more . We will team you up with two other people so data collection is easier. ( Teams of 2-5)

    Just email or give us a call. naturecenter@cityofberkeley,info 510 981-6720

  • Groups and individuals can come do a clean-up on the third Saturday morning of each month.

  • The International Shoreline Clean Up will take place in Berkeley on Saturday, September 19, 2015.  9-12p.m. SCHEDULE and information
  • 9:00 a.m. Registration and Orientation- Groups of 10 or more must preregister every year.- 981-6720

    • Everyone is encouraged to start at 9 a.m., registration will close at 10:30, so get an early start.
    • All groups and individuals unless other wise informed, should meet at the Berkeley staging area located behind the Seabreeze Market at the corner of University and Frontage Rd. Here, everyone needs to sign waivers, receive safety information, and get directions to the various clean-up locations.
    • We are asking everyone to bring their own reusable gloves and buckets. We do not want to generate more trash doing the clean-up than we actually pick up! But if you forget, that's okay-- we will give you trash/recycle bags, pencils, tally cards and a map of the areas we need to clean. Waste reduction plays an important role in helping to keep the City's shorelines clean and achieve our Climate Action Plan goals.

      Noon: Cleanup Ends! At this point, turn in your tally cards at the main staging area and show us your most unusual items for judging. Each person who turns in the completed data card will get a coupon for a free meal at Rubio's. and a ticket to be part of our raffle, which starts by 12:15. Great Items are donated by local merchants- If you would like to donate, let us know.


    Berkeley coordinates with the cities of Albany and Emeryville to clean up the 14 1/2 mile stretch along the East Bay shoreline.
    Join the Emery Bay Coastal Clean-up: Meet 9:00 a.m. at 2333 Powell St., Emeryville. Bring sunscreen, hat, closed shoes, gloves, water. Bring your own bags (or buckets)! Free snacks, and beverages are provided (also gloves and bags, if you can't bring your own). Prizes from local businesses. Invite friends, family, co-workers for a fun, feel-good morning. Call 510-596-3795, or email for more info.
    For the Albany Shoreline Clean-up, meet at 9:00 a.m. at the foot of Buchanan behind the Golden Gate fields race track. Bring rakes or sand sifters for the small plastic particles in the sand, drinking water,and gloves. For more information call the Watershed project 510 788-0897. Groups of 10 or more please pre register. Contact Martha at  

     Clean-up- Mouth of Strawberry creek 
     To learn about other great programs at the Berkeley Marina, visit the Marina Experience web

     More Information: Below are some links to other ocean-related government agencies and projects.

    More Action: We encourage people to take action and clean up the local shorelines to make them safe for wildlife and humans. Participate in a shoreline clean-up and work to reduce solid waste at its source so it never reaches the Bay

     . WAIVERS
    Be prepared to sign a waiver for yourself and your children, you cannot sign a waiver for someone elses child. Please use these waivers if you are bringing children under 18 here to do a cleanup, please have their parents sign the CHILDREN'S WAIVER form for the day of your cleanup. All children must be accompanied by an adult. We will also have adult and child waivers available on the day of the Cleanup.

    The last large clean-up was:

  • Earthday Clean-up on April 26, 2014 9-10 a.m.We had 157 people pick up 13,613 pieces of trash in 3 hours.

  • The top five items they picked up were: 3,727 pieces of plastic, 2,231 cigarette butts, 1,909 pieces of stryofoam, 1,726 food wrappers ( chips or candy), 740 caps and plastic rings. Many thanks to all the groups who came to help.   

  •  Interested in taking a personal action to protect the Coast and ocean? Link onto the web site at the California Coastal Commission and take the California Coastal Stewardship Pledge, at Here you fill out a form of what changes you are willing to commit to. It offers information about specific personal actions that can help the environment .After you submit your form they will send you a reminder to do the actions, When  you complete the actions you resubmit the form and you will receive a free canvas tote - and save the world at the same time!


    To learn about other great programs at the Berkeley Marina, visit the Marina Experience web page or the Marina special events page.

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