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Marine Environmental Education Programs- dead line for forms extended for animal and sailing programs! Lowtide and Bay Scientist programs full

Our innovative hands-on programs have been developing since 1979.  The unique locations of rocky shore, docks, pier, and the open Bay found at the Marina are used to provide Marine Environmental Education to school children and classes from all over the Bay Area. Each program instills a conservation message empowering the students to help the environment. We are excited about offering programs in our new building, the microscope lab and two 180 Gallon aquariums are up and running. These are used in our fish, Bay Scientist , and low tide programs.  Our lottery is open now for the 2013-2014 school year: call or subscribe to this web site to be sent information about the dates and form for next year.  Groups are welcome to sign up for our shoreline clean-up program and to tour our building to learn more about our  demonstration "green" office  and our new green portable.  To learn more, please go to Straw Bale Building page.

The Marina Experience Environmental Education Program:

New microscopes
  • Teacher In-service Training
  • Low Tide Programs- explorations on the rocky shoreline, and dock Animal  Programs- separate programs on fish, birds, marine mammals and being a bay scientist.
  • Research / Sailing Boat Trips
  • Summer Classes Marine Biology,  canoeing, boating & water skiing 
  • Shoreline cleanups- Plastics and our Bay- Shoreline clean-ups

    Teacher In-service Training     
    Each program requires a mandatory teacher's IN-SERVICE training workshop during which teachers preview the site, update staff for their current science program, and naturalists add to it with a packet of informational lesson plans for pre- and post-trip lessons geared to their class' grade level.  These lessons were written by our staff, and correlate with the California State Science Framework and include 47 large animal identification cards and pictures. 

    This crab is your program host!Low Tide Programs
    When the children arrive for their three hour Low Tide program, they meet in the Nature Center for a 40 minute interactive multimedia presentation, to review and learn about the marine inhabitants along the Berkeley waterfront.  They observe the aquariums, the touch table and then depending on the tide, they explore the rocky shore, return for a break, and then explore the dock.  Cost    for three hours and packet materials is $194.    9:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Teacher inservice
     :March 25. Class dates April 3, 4, 29,30. Workshop April 15th . May 1,2,14,15,16
  • Animal Programs
     There are four animal programs on the following topics: fish, birds, marine mammals and being a bay scientists.  The class programs are three hours and consists of informational power point and videos, and two hours of interactive stations.  When the children rotate through hands-on stations, we utilize real artifacts or live animals if possible. Cost $194   for three hours and packet materials. See what a teacher has to say about our fish program. 
  • FISH.  (2nd- 12th grades)We will explore the ins and outs of fish and sharks that live in the Bay. Through fish printing and internal and external anatomy you'll learn some exciting ways to teach. Wrkshp. Oct. 22. Class dates Nov.13,14, 15, 19,20,21,22.
  • BIRDS (K-12)This program teaches the life skill of bird watching through multimedia presentations and hands-on activity stations: feathers, conservation, sounds, eggs and nests. We'll take a practice walk to identify local marine and land birds. Teacher inservice Nov. 19th  Class dates: Dec. 11,12,13,17, 18, 19,20.
  •  MARINE MAMMALS  (K-12) Marine mammals off the California Coast are our focus in the slides and hands on artifacts here. Sounds, Feeding, Conservation and Insulation are the four stations offered to K-12th grade. Inservice Dec. 17th. Class dates Jan. 15,16,17, 21, 22, 23, 24.
  • BAY SCIENTIST, (3rd-12th) A field and lecture class exploring marine life of the rocky shore and docks. We will handle a wide variety of marine life, do water chemistry, and explore the world of plankton. Inservice date  Jan 28. Class dates: Feb.12, 13, 14, 18,19, 20, 21.  (Full)
 Bay Scientist program      fish program dissection   Rocky shore   
patty's way to teach school teachers about sharks' life 
Research programs
For  fifth grade through high school classes.  This programs is .930-2:00 p.m. . We study the shoreline  dock and pier inhabitants,   We collect samples of Bay water, plant and animal life , a mud grab, and a plankton net. $194 Maximum class  27 students.Teacher inservice dates Feb 25. Lowtide trip dates: March 19,20,21 and May 28,29,30.(full)

Sailing Boat Trip Programs
 The Pegasus a 51 ft. Wooden Sailing Ketch helps us  provide this unique experience. We take a class of 30 and rotate 15 out sailing while the other half of the class learns the ropes with volunteers from the Cal Sailing Club, with a small sailboat on a trailer. Class includes learning about  Geography, sailing terminology, compass work and the history of ships on San Francisco Bay. $245.  This is a 4.5 hour field trip. 9:30a.m. - 2 p.m. (Wrkshp. April 5. Class dates March 27 &28 , April 24 & 25 and May 8,9,22,23.)

 Volunteers needed to help teach classes see the volunteer page

Summer Classes
If you would like information sent to you for programs in the future.  Registration is here  in the Shorebird Park Nature Center Office in March.  160 University Ave. Berkeley Marina

Parents or guardians must sign up their own children. 
Full day care available in combination with the Adventure Playground for 7 years and up. For the Coastal Conservancy's' Resource Directory. Hundreds of groups that do marine science and ocean related teaching. We are in here too!

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