Special Meeting eSummary
May 30
, 2006

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tuesday, may 30, 2006 – 6:00 P.M.


Teleconference Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

Preliminary Matters

Roll Call:  6:02 p.m.  All present.

City Manager Comments:

Public Comment:


Action Calendar – Presentation and Public Hearing

1.   Recommendations for Creeks Ordinance Revisions

a.   From: Creeks Task Force and City Manager (PDF, 493 KB)

Recommendation: Conduct a public hearing and upon conclusion:

1)      Support the Creeks Task Force (CTF) recommendations, including the details for future implementation as refined by the City Manager in response to Planning Commission concerns;

2)      Provide direction regarding whether a Use Permit or Variance should be required on issues where the CTF and Planning Commission recommendations diverge; and

3)      Direct that staff draft ordinance language to revise the Creeks Ordinance (BMC Chapter 17.08 – Preservation and Restoration of the Natural Watercourses), and that the ordinance language be reviewed by the CTF and Planning Commission prior to Council adoption.

Financial Implications: See report

Contact: Wendy Cosin, Planning and Development, 981-7400

b.   From: Planning Commission (PDF, 731 KB)

Recommendation: If the City Council accepts the Creeks Task Force recommendations, the revised ordinance reflect the Planning Commission concerns listed in this report.

Contact: Wendy Cosin, Planning and Development, 981-7400

Public Testimony: The mayor opened the public hearing. 59 speakers. Moved, seconded, carried (Capitelli/Worthington) to close the public hearing.


Action: Moved, seconded, carried (Maio/Worthington; Noes–Olds, Wozniak) a motion to: direct staff to draft ordinance language based on the Creeks Task Force recommendations, including the requirements for a variance, and which clearly defines or classifies creeks, is sensitive to property owners and provides clear direction on how to comply with the creeks regulations, and amends the Zoning Ordinance to make it consistent with section 17.080.055 of the existing Creeks Ordinance, to allow rebuilding by right in the event of a disaster or similar occurrence; have this language reviewed by the Creeks Task Force and the Planning and Public Works Commissions; and schedule the draft ordinances for a public hearing before Council.


Moved, seconded, carried (Capitelli/Maio; Noes –Bates; Abstain–Worthington, Wozniak) a motion to direct staff to explore and develop and come back to Council with specific Use Permit findings that under the current Creeks Task Force proposals would require a variance.


Communications (PDF, 4 KB)

Council rules limit action on Communications to referral to the City Manager and/or Boards and Commissions for investigation and/or recommendations.

Creeks Ordinance

1.      William A. Derr

2.      Carol and Garret Thunen

3.      Phillip Price


To Be Delivered and Supplemental Reports 1



To Be Delivered and Supplemental Reports 2

Item 1: Recommendations for Creeks Ordinance Revisions

·        Presentation materials, submitted by Planning and Development (PDF, 470 KB)    

·        Supplemental material, submitted by Planning and Development (PDF, 85 KB)


Supplemental Communications 1 (PDF, 4 KB)

Item 1: Recommendations for Creeks Ordinance Revisions

4.      Walter and Jocelyn Kaufmann

5.      Vincent Casalaina

6.      Martha Baker

7.      Susan Schwartz, Friends of Five Creeks

8.      Anita Eble

9.      Chrissy Hoffman

10.  Susan Schwartz, Friends of Five Creeks

11.  Alan Gould

12.  Andrew Rose

13.  Sara Rankin

14.  Roseanne and Ray Perman

15.  Joan Sprinson

16.  Neighbors on Urban Creeks – 12 Step Proposal for Fixing the Problems in The Creeks Ordinance

17.  Neighbors on Urban Creeks – Survey/Community Input

18.  Neighbors on Urban Creeks – Summary of Comments

19.  Neighbors on Urban Creeks – History of the Berkeley Creeks Ordinance and Related Policies

20.  Jim Nelson

21.  Maeveen O’Connor

22.  Audrey and Paul Richards

23.  Dorothy Headley

24.  Barbara Maricle

25.  Joshua Bradt

26.  Janet Byron

27.  Jerry Landis

28.  Elizabeth Jordan

29.  Juliet Lamont

30.  Michael Gardner

31.  Wendy Markel

32.  Diane Tokugawa

33.  Alan Gould

34.  Jean Peters

35.  Andy Katz

36.  Kristen Van Dam

37.  Kris Muller

38.  Abigail Fateman, Urban Creeks Council

39.  Patrick Finley

40.  Constantina Economou

41.  Anushka Drescher

42.  Diane Crowley

43.  Anita Eble

44.  Evelyn and Roben Gahtan

45.  Sherrick Slattery

46.  Caryn Gottcent

47.  Norman Frank

48.  Carole Rochlin

49.  Aviva Imhof

50.  Steve Myers

51.  Cy Silver and Rosemarie Falanga

52.  Elizabeth and Robert Burnell

53.  Laurence Klein

54.  Barbara Bull

55.  Ells and Leo Ellis

56.  Lee and Alan McRae

57.  Christopher Kroll

58.  Dale Hopkins

59.  David Loeb

60.  Thomas Laqueur and Carla Hesse

61.  Joseph Klems

62.  Sally Williams, Berkeley Friends Church

63.  Carrie Dovzak

64.  Mary Pearsall

65.  Katherine Bowman and Bob Schneider

66.  J. Nicholas Ziegler

67.  Irene Winston

68.  Stephen Jory

69.  Gus Yates

70.  Eric Wasserman

71.  Lisa Lackey

72.  Patricia Francis-Lyon

73.  Norie Clarke

74.  Bill Springer

75.  Stephanie Thomas


Supplemental Communications 2 (PDF, 4 KB)

Item 1: Recommendations for Creeks Ordinance Revisions

76.  Dorothy Frantz

77.  Mary Selkirk

78.  Gib Cattanach

79.  Michael Fried

80.  Mark Liolios

81.  Les Blank

82.  Juliet Lamont



Adjourned at 10:55 p.m. in honor of Willa Baum.