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Monday, February 6, 2006

5:00 P.M.

6th Floor Conference Room, 2180 Milvia Street
Teleconference Location – 1636 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

The City Council may take action related to any subject listed on the Agenda.

This meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Brown Act, Government Code Section 54953, Teleconferencing.  Any member of the public may attend this meeting at either the Council Chambers or at the teleconference location.  Questions regarding this matter may be addressed to Sara T. Cox, City Clerk, 981-6900.


Preliminary Matters

Roll Call

Public Comment: (A total of 20 minutes is scheduled.  Each speaker is limited to a maximum of 2 minutes).

Closed Session

The City Council will recess to closed session to discuss each of the following matters, not necessarily in the order listed below:



City of Berkeley v. Reza Valiyee, et al.

ACSC No. 737686-3


City of Berkeley v. Reza Valiyee, et al.

ACSC No. 748526-4


Eugene Evans, et al. v. City of Berkeley, et al.

California Supreme Court No. S11261


Qwest Communications Corp. v. City of Berkeley

USDC No. C 01 0663 SI


Elizabeth O’Malley, et al. v. City LPC, et al.

ACSC No. 837247-5


City of Berkeley v. Reza Valiyee

ACSC No. 837667-1


Metromedia Fiber Network v. City of Berkeley

USDC No. C 01 00722 CRB


Rash B. Ghosh v. Shirley Dean, Mayor, City Council, ZAB, Zoning Dept.

ACSC No. 2002 043750


Marie Bowman (Neighbors For Sensible Development For 2517 Sacramento Street v. City of Berkeley

ACSC No. 2002 057279


Berkeley Police Association v. City of Berkeley, PRC

ACSC No. 2002 057569


Helix Electric Inc., v. Arntz Builders; The American Insurance Company; City of Berkeley

ACSC No. 2002 061480


Richard Schwarzmann v. City of Berkeley, et al.

ACSC No. 2001 26119


Bay Systems Integrators, Inc. v. Helix Electric, Inc., City of Berkeley, American Ins. Co.

ACSC No. RG 03 089440


Earnest Darden v. Berkeley Community Media and Berkeley City Council

USDC No. C 03 3264 MMC


Arntz Buildings v. City of Berkeley, Library Project Manager

ACSC No. BG 03 095394


Ruth Ellen Pearce, Trustee of the Ruth Ellen Pearce Revocable Trust, et al. v. All Persons Claiming Any Interest In, or Lien Upon, the Real Property Herein Described; City of Berkeley, et al.

ACSC No. RG 04 181677


Americans For Safe Access, James Blair, Michael L. Goodbar, and Donald O. Tolbert v. County of Alameda, Bradley Clark, City of Berkeley

ACSC No. RG 04 192053


Raymond Chamberlin v. City of Albany, City of Berkeley

ACSC No. HG 05 200281


City of Berkeley v. University of California, Regents of the University of California

ACSC No. RG 05 199505


Soroya Radmanesh v. City of Berkeley

ACSC No. RG 04 191982


Randolph Walker v. City of Berkeley and Roland Anolin

ACSC No. RG 05 205825


Maarteen Kalway and Mary Kalway v. City of Berkeley, Planning Commission, Dan Marks, Planning and Development Director

ACSC No. RG 05 05208534


Association for Responsible Development v. City of Berkeley, Pacific Bay Investments

ACSC No. HG 05 209637


City of Berkeley v. The Boykin Group, Boykin Berkeley, LLC, Boykin Hotel Properties, LP, Berkeley I. Leasing, LLC

ACSC No. HG 05 199209


City of Berkeley v. Dorothy McCray; Fidelity National Title Company

Contra Costa Superior Court No. C 05 01429


Jaipal Walia v. City of Berkeley

ACSC No. RG 05 222860


Valentine Corp. v. City of Berkeley

ACSC No. RG 05 220900


Kathleen Hanley and Lonnie White v. City of Berkeley

ACSC No. BG 05 224588


City of Berkeley v. Hernan Galvan, an individual, DBA American Systems Parking, and Metropolitan Systems Parking

ACSC No. RG05226079


Association for Responsible Development v. City of Berkeley, Berkeley City Council

ACSC No. HG 05 220335


Carl Friberg, Anne Wagley, Jim Sharp and Dean Metzger v. Tom Bates, CouncilMembers Maio, Moore, Anderson, Capitelli, Wozniak, City of Berkeley, City Council, Phil Kamlarz, Manuela Albuquerque

ACSC No. RG 05 230715


Frances Barsamian v. Sally Marie Wright, M.E. Onglatco, Michelle Dhanak, City Of Berkeley

ACSC No. RG04165815


Steven DeCaprio v. City of Berkeley, Gregory Daniel, Capt. Douglas Hambleton, Officer Spencer Fomby, Officer Jessyca Nabony, Sgt. T. Curtin, Sgt. Kelly Gordon, Officer Torrence, Officer Mah

ACSC No. RG 05 202910


Ethel Giddens v. City of Berkeley, Rudd International

ACSC No. RG 05 199631


Rheta Moise v. City of Berkeley

ACSC No. RG 04 168652


Roosevelt Oliver v. City of Berkeley, Officer Jack Friedman and Sgt. David Reece

USDC Case No. C 05 01193 SI





City of Marina and Fort Ord Reuse Authority v. Board of Trustees of the Cal State University

Cal. Supreme Ct. No. S 117816


Francisco Amaral, Nelva Hernandez v. Cintas Corporation No. 2 and 3

ACSC No. HG 03 103046


Ayon, et al. v. Cintas Corporation

Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 310696


Council of the City of New York v. Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of New York

New York Supreme Court – Appellate Div. First Department, New York County No. 115214/04