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Rent Registration.

A. The board shall require all landlords subject to the provisions of this chapter to file with the board by September 1, 1980 a rent registration statement for each rental unit covered by this chapter. An owner who has resided in a single family dwelling for at least three hundred sixty five consecutive calendar days need not file a rent registration statement under the provisions of this chapter if he/she rents this single family dwelling to another person or persons for a period not to exceed nine calendar months.

B. Landlords shall provide in their initial rent registration statement the following information:

(1) The address of each rental unit;

(2) The name and address of the landlord(s) and the managing agent, if any;

(3) The date on which the landlord received legal title to or equitable interest in the rental unit;

(4) The housing services provided for the rental unit;

(5) The rent in effect on June 6, 1978;

(6) The rent in effect on December 30, 1979;

(7) The base rent ceiling;

(8) The lowest rent in effect between June 6, 1978, and the date of the adoption of this chapter;

(9) The amount of any deposits or other monies in addition to periodic rent demanded or received by the landlord in connection with the use or occupancy of the rental unit;

(10) Whether the rental unit was vacant or occupied on May 31, 1980;

(11) Rent in effect on December 31, 1981.

C. All rent registration statements provided by landlords in accordance with this chapter shall include an affidavit signed by the landlord declaring under penalty of perjury that the information provided in the rent registration statement is true and correct.

D. The first annual registration fee of twelve dollars per unit shall be paid by the landlords to the board no later than September 1, 1980. Subsequent annual registration fees set in accordance with Section 13.76.060N of this chapter shall be paid no later than July 1 of each year. Because fees charged in years prior to 1991 were due on September 1, but paid for board expenses from each preceding July 1, the fee due in 1991 shall be calculated to pay for twelve months of board expenses.

E. The board shall provide forms for the registration information required by this section and shall make other reasonable efforts to facilitate the fulfillment of the requirements set forth in this section.

F. Every annual registration fee required by this chapter which is not paid on or before July 1 is declared delinquent, and the board shall add to said registration fee and collect a penalty of one hundred percent of the fee so delinquent in addition to the fee. Every six months that the fee and penalty remain delinquent, the penalty shall be increased by one hundred percent of the original fee. The board may waive the penalty if payment is made within thirty days of the original due date.

A landlord may request the board to waive all or part of the penalty if he/she can show good cause for the delinquent payment.

G. The amount of any registration fee and penalty imposed by the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed a debt to the city.

H. Within thirty days after the filing of a rent registration statement, the board shall provide a true and correct copy of said statement to the occupant of the respective unit.

I. Landlords of formerly exempt units shall register within sixty days of coming under coverage of this chapter. The registration fee for this first-time registration shall be pro- rated based upon the number of months remaining to the next July 1 annual registration deadline.

J. No landlord shall be deemed to be in compliance with this section with respect to a given unit until the landlord has completed registration for all covered units in the same property. Registration shall be deemed complete when all required information has been provided and all outstanding fees and penalties have been paid.

K. Registration fees shall not be passed along to the tenants without the express, prior approval of the board. Under no circumstances shall penalties be passed along to tenants. 

(Ord. 6008-NS § 1, 1990: Ord. 5872-NS § 3, 1988: Ord. 5467-NS § 8, 1982: Ord. 261-NS § 8, 1980.)

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