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Transportation Division
Transportation Division

Traffic Engineering

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"Traffic Engineering is that phase of engineering which deals with the planning, geometric design and traffic operations of roads, streets, and highways, their networks, terminals, abutting lands, and relationships with other modes of transportation for the achievement of safe, efficient, and convenient movement of persons and goods." - Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Yearbook

The actions and activities of Traffic Engineering staff are guided by a variety of policies and authorities, primarily identified within the Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC).  Title 14, "Vehicles and Traffic," of the BMC has been established to ensure consistency in the use and placement of traffic control devices.  The title is guided by the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the California Vehicle Code.

The Berkeley Municipal Code guides decisions on sign placement.  For major and collector streets, stop sign controls on these streets require approval by the City Council.  Staff determines if the proposed installations meet California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  If the proposal is part of an overall neighborhood traffic management plan or seems controversial, the report may be first submitted to the Transportation Commission for review at a public meeting.  Installation on local streets is at the discretion of the Traffic Engineer.  The investigation includes review of traffic volumes/turning movements, approach speeds, pedestrians (especially school children), accident data, and sight visibilities.  Multiway stops signs have also been installed at intersections to help reduce the adverse effect of special crime related problems.  The stop ahead (symbol) sign may be installed where visibility is restricted, high approach speeds require advance warning, and at unexpected stop sign locations pursuant to the MUTCD  and the Caltrans Traffic Manual.   

For street sweeping, street lights, or pruning, call  Customer Service at (510) 981-CITY (2489) or 3-1-1 for assistance.

For parades or other special events requiring street closure, please call (510) 981-CITY (2489) or 3-1-1.

For parking citations, please call (510) Customer Service at (510) 981-CITY (2489) or 3-1-1.

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