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City of Berkeley Street Repair Plan

Note: The planned year of rehabilitation for each street is subject to change due to conflicting construction work, budgetary constraints, and unforeseen circumstances.

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Street From To Type of Repair Fiscal Year
4th St Channing Dwight Slurry 2015
5th St Cedar Virginia Slurry 2015
5th St Virginia University Slurry 2015
6th St University Allston Overlay 2015
8th St N. City Limit Gilman Overlay 2016
9th St Cedar Delaware Slurry 2015
9th St Delaware Hearst Slurry 2015
9th St Hearst University Slurry 2015
9th St University Bancroft Slurry 2015
9th St North of Anthony Potter Overlay 2016
9th St Potter Murray Overlay 2016
10th St N. City Limit Harrison Slurry 2015
10th St Harrison Camelia Reconstruct 2015
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Acton St Russell Ashby Slurry 2015
Addison St Shattuck Oxford Reconstruct 2015
Alcatraz Ave Adeline City Limit (Dover) Overlay 2015
Allston Way Strawberry Creek Park Acton Overlay 2016
Allston Way Acton Sacramento Reconstruct 2016
Alvarado Rd Tunnel N. City Limit Reconstruct 2015
Alvarado Rd N. City Limit Bridge Reconstruct 2015
Arcade Ave Grizzly Peak Fairlawn Reconstruct 2016
Avenida Dr Campus Olympus Reconstruct 2016
Avenida Dr Olympus Queens Slurry 2016
Avenida Dr Queens Grizzly Peak Reconstruct 2016
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Bancroft Way Fulton Telegraph Reconstruct 2016
Bay St Potter Ashby Overcrossing Reconstruct 2015
Belrose Ave Derby Claremont Blvd Reconstruct 2016
Berkeley Sq Addison Center Overlay 2015
Berkeley Way M. L. King Milvia Slurry 2015
Berkeley Way Milvia Shattuck Slurry 2015
Berryman St M. L. King Jr. High M. L. King Slurry 2016
Berryman St M. L. King Milvia Slurry 2016
Bolivar Dr Cul de sac Potter Reconstruct 2015
Bonar St University Addison Overlay 2016
Bonar St Allston Dwight Overlay 2016
Bret Harte Rd Keith Cragmont Overlay 2016
Bret Harte Rd Cragmont Keeler Slurry 2016
Bridge Rd Alvarado Tunnel Reconstruct 2015
Brookside Ave Claremont Dead End Slurry 2015
Brookside Ct Dead End Brookside Dr Overlay 2015
Brookside Dr Claremont Claremont Reconstruct 2015
Buena Ave W. Dead End McGee Overlay 2015
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California St University Dwight Slurry 2015
Campus Dr Glendale Delmar Overlay 2016
Campus Dr Delmar Avenida Slurry 2016
Campus Dr Avenida Parnassus Reconstruct 2016
Campus Dr Parnassus Dead End Reconstruct 2016
Cedar St San Pablo Chestnut Reconstruct 2015
Cedar St Chestnut Acton Reconstruct 2015
Cedar St Acton Sacramento Reconstruct 2015
Cedar St Spruce Euclid Slurry 2015
Cedar St Euclid La Loma Overlay 2015
Chabolyn Terr S. City Limit S. City Limit Reconstruct 2015
Channing Way Shattuck Fulton Reconstruct 2015
Channing Way Fulton Dana Overlay 2015
Channing Way Dana Bowditch Overlay 2015
Channing Way Bowditch College Overlay 2015
Channing Way College Piedmont Overlay 2015
Claremont Blvd Belrose Claremont Ave Reconstruct 2016
Codornices Rd Euclid Dead End Reconstruct 2016
College Ave Bancroft Dwight Overlay 2015
Columbia Cir Columbia Path Fairlawn Reconstruct 2015
Comstock Ct Jaynes Cedar Overlay 2015
Contra Costa Ave Solano Los Angeles Overlay 2016
Cornell Ave Gilman Page Slurry 2016
Cornell Ave Page Hopkins Slurry 2016
Cornell Ave Hopkins Cedar Slurry 2016
Cornell Ave Cedar Virginia Overlay 2016
Cragmont Ave Marin Santa Barbara Overlay 2016
Cragmont Ave Santa Barbara Euclid Slurry 2016
Cragmont Ave Euclid Bret Harte Slurry 2016
Cragmont Ave Bret Harte Shasta Slurry 2016
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Delaware St 6th San Pablo Slurry 2016
Derby St Warring Belrose Reconstruct 2016
Durant Ave Fulton Bowditch Overlay 2015
Durant Ave Bowditch College Slurry 2015
Durant Ave College Piedmont Slurry 2015
Dwight Way San Pablo Sacramento Reconstruct 2015
Dwight Way Telegraph Bowditch Reconstruct 2015
Dwight Way Bowditch College Reconstruct 2015
Dwight Way College Piedmont Reconstruct 2015
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East Parnassus Ct Parnassus Dead End Reconstruct 2016
El Dorado Ave The Alameda Sutter Overlay 2016
Elmwood Ct Ashby Dead End Slurry 2015
Euclid Ave Cragmont Beg of Divided Road Slurry 2016
Euclid Ave Beg of Divided Road End of Divided Road Slurry 2016
Euclid Ave End of Divided Road Eunice Overlay 2016
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Fairlawn Dr Avenida Olympus Overlay 2016
Florida Ave Santa Barbara Boynton Overlay 2016
Florida Ave Boynton Dead End Reconstruct 2016
Folger Ave 7th San Pablo Reconstruct 2015
Fulton St Bancroft Durant Overlay 2015
Fulton St Durant Dwight Reconstruct 2015
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Glen Ave Oak Eunice Reconstruct 2015
Glendale Ave Campus La Loma Overlay 2015
Grizzly Peak Blvd Shasta Ext of Eunice Reconstruct 2015
Grizzly Peak Blvd Ext of Eunice East City Limit Overlay 2015
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Harvard Cir Fairlawn Fairlawn Reconstruct 2016
Hawthorne Terr Euclid Cedar Reconstruct 2016
Hearst Ave Sacramento California Overlay 2015
Hearst Ave California McGee Slurry 2015
Hearst Ave McGee M. L. King Slurry 2015
Hearst Ave Henry Shattuck Overlay 2016
Hearst Ave Shattuck Oxford Overlay 2016
Hearst Ave Oxford Spruce Overlay 2016
Hearst Ave Spruce Arch Overlay 2016
Hearst Ave Arch Euclid Overlay 2016
Hearst Ave Euclid La Loma Overlay 2016
Hearst Ave La Loma Dead End Slurry 2016
Heinz Ave 3rd 7th Reconstruct 2016
Henry St Rose Vine Overlay 2016
Henry St Vine Cedar Overlay 2016
Hilgard Ave La Vereda Dead End Overlay 2016
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Jaynes St California Edith Overlay 2015
Jones St Eastshore Hwy 2nd Slurry 2016
Jones St 4th 6th Overlay 2016
Jones St 6th San Pablo Overlay 2016
Jones St San Pablo Stannage Overlay 2016
Josephine St The Alameda Hopkins Slurry 2016
Josephine St Hopkins Rose Slurry 2016
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Keeler Ave Grizzly Peak Marin Reconstruct 2015
Keith Ave Spruce Euclid Slurry 2015
Keith Ave Euclid Shasta Overlay 2015
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La Loma Ave Glendale El Portal Slurry 2015
La Loma Ave El Portal Quarry Overlay 2015
La Vereda Rd La Loma Cedar Reconstruct 2016
La Vereda Rd Cedar Dead End Reconstruct 2016
Le Conte Ave Arch Scenic Reconstruct 2015
Le Conte Ave Scenic Highland Overlay 2015
Los Angeles Ave The Circle Spruce Slurry 2015
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Michigan Ave Maryland Spruce Overlay 2016
Milvia St Eunice Berryman Slurry 2015
Milvia St Hearst University Overlay 2015
Modoc St Solano Marin Overlay 2016
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North St Dead End Jaynes Reconstruct 2015
Northbrae Tunnel Contra Costa Del Norte Slurry 2016
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Oxford St Cedar Hearst Overlay 2016
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Page St East Frontage 2nd Overlay 2016
Page St 3rd 6th Slurry 2016
Page St 6th 10th Slurry 2016
Parker St 7th San Pablo Slurry 2015
Parker St Sacramento M. L. King Slurry 2016
Parker St M. L. King Milvia Slurry 2015
Parker St Milvia Shattuck Slurry 2015
Parker St College Etna Overlay 2016
Parker St Etna Warring Overlay 2016
Parnassus Rd Del Mar Campus Reconstruct 2016
Piedmont Ave Dwight Derby Overlay 2016
Piedmont Crescent Dwight Warring Reconstruct 2016
Poe St Bonar Dead End Reconstruct 2016
Potter St I-80 Bay Reconstruct 2015
Prince St Tremont Telegraph Overlay 2016
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Rose St Hopkins Chestnut Slurry 2016
Rose St Chestnut Sacramento Overlay 2016
Rose St M. L. King Milvia Overlay 2015
Rose St Milvia Shattuck Slurry 2015
Rose St Shattuck Spruce Overlay 2015
Roslyn Ct S. Crossways Chabolyn Terr Reconstruct 2015
Rugby Ave N. City Limit Vermont Reconstruct 2016
Russell St Sacramento M. L. King Overlay 2015
Russell St M. L. King Milvia Overlay 2015
Russell St Milvia Adeline Overlay 2015
Russell St Telegraph Hillegass Overlay 2015
Russell St Hillegass College Overlay 2015
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Sacramento St Virginia University Reconstruct 2015
San Pedro Ave Colusa The Alameda Overlay 2016
Senior Ave Fairlawn Grizzly Peak Slurry 2016
Shasta Rd Cragmont Keeler Slurry 2015
Shattuck Ave Center University Overlay 2015
Shattuck Ave Center Allston Overlay 2015
Shattuck Sq University Addison Overlay 2015
Solano Ave The Alameda Contra Costa Slurry 2016
Somerset Pl Southampton Dead End Overlay 2016
Sonoma Ave W. City Limit Josephine Slurry 2016
Southampton Ave Arlington San Luis Overlay 2016
Spinnaker Way Breakwater Marina Overlay 2016
Spruce St Eunice Rose Overlay 2015
Spruce St Rose Vine Reconstruct 2016
Spruce St Vine Cedar Overlay 2015
Spruce St Cedar Virginia Overlay 2015
Spruce St Virginia Hearst Reconstruct 2015
Stanton St Russell Ashby Reconstruct 2015
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The Alameda Capistrano Tacoma Slurry 2016
The Alameda Tacoma Solano Overlay 2016
The Alameda Solano Marin Slurry 2016
The Alameda Marin Hopkins Overlay 2016
The Alameda Hopkins Yolo Slurry 2016
The Circle     Slurry 2016
The Spiral Dead End Wildcat Canyon Reconstruct 2015
Thousand Oaks Blvd Colusa Vincente Slurry 2015
Thousand Oaks Blvd Vincente The Alameda Slurry 2015
Thousand Oaks Blvd The Alameda Arlington Slurry 2015
Tulare Ave Solano Sonoma Overlay 2016
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Vassar Ave N. City Limit Kentucky Reconstruct 2016
Vassar Ave Kentucky Spruce Overlay 2016
Vermont Ave Dead End Maryland Reconstruct 2016
Vincente Ave Dead End Thousand Oaks Overlay 2016
Vincente Ave Thousand Oaks Colusa Slurry 2016
Vincente Ave Colusa Peralta Overlay 2016
Vine St McGee Edith Reconstruct 2015
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Warring Dwight Derby Reconstruct 2016
West Parnassus Ct Parnassus Dead End Reconstruct 2016
Whitney St Woolsey S. City Limit Overlay 2016
Woolsey Adeline Tremont Slurry 2016
Woolsey Tremont Telegraph Overlay 2016
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Yolo Ave Milvia Sutter Slurry 2015
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 Map of Plan

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