General Information
General Information

  Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 02-08-2016

  • Projects listed below have been acted on by the Zoning Adjustments Board or the Zoning Officer.
  • Staff has issued a Notice of Decision announcing the action, appeal deadline and appeal instructions.
  • Decisions on Zoning Applications may be appealed:
    • Zoning Officer decisions are appealed to ZAB
    • ZAB decisions are appealed to City Council
KEY: Guidelines:
Click on address to view the Notice of Decision
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Permit #



Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2015-0210 2214 Carleton Enclose rear porch and change rear roof line. James Frank 02-22-16
ZP2015-0203 2055 Center Application to serve alcoholic beverages Greg Powell 02-18-16
DRSL2015-0030 2380 Fourth Façade improvements Anne Burns 02-09-16
ZP2015-0207 1025 Gilman Allow beer/wine tasting and sales of distilled spirits. Immanuel Bereket 02-18-16
ZP2015-0214 2629 Regent Add one bedroom to unit #1. New windows in setback James Frank 02-23-16
ZP2015-0080 2999 Regent Sprint proposes to add six antennas and three remote units. Leslie Mendez 02-18-16
ZP2015-0172 2113 Seventh Add new dwelling on rear of lot. James Frank 02-18-16
ZP2015-0176 1511 Shattuck Allow beer and wine at 3 carryout spaces Leslie Mendez 02-18-16
ZP2015-0228 1900 Shattuck Add beer and wine at quick service restaurant James Frank 02-23-16
LMIN2015-0002 2777 Shattuck Initiation Sally Zarnowitz 01-26-16
ZP2015-0254 1538 Sixty-Third Residential addition on existing parcel with legal nonconforming density and extension of roofline above 14 feet in average height. Greg Powell 02-18-16
ZP2015-0180 1524 Stuart Remove existing house and build two new detached, two-story homes. Immanuel Bereket 02-18-16
ZP2015-0155 1385 Summit AUP to convert storage to bedroom, AUP for addition over 14 feet in average height, AUP for Major residential addition. Amanda Wallace 02-29-16
ZP2016-0004 2085 Vine Outdoor beer and wine services adjacent to residential district (Mission Heirloom Restaurant)  Leslie Mendez 02-03-16



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