General Information
General Information

  Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 10-20-2016

  • Projects listed below have been acted on by the Zoning Adjustments Board or the Zoning Officer.
  • Staff has issued a Notice of Decision announcing the action, appeal deadline and appeal instructions.
  • Decisions on Zoning Applications may be appealed:
    • Zoning Officer decisions are appealed to ZAB
    • ZAB decisions are appealed to City Council
KEY: Guidelines:
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Permit #



Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2016-0040 1461 Acton Residential addition James Frank 10-24-16
 ZP2016-0156    2029-35 Blake Mod to ZP2014-0069 - add floor area and other modifications Shannon Allen 10-12-16
ZP2016-0052 704 Ensenada Major residential addition James Frank 10-24-16
ZP2015-0139 841 Gilman Expand retail into adjacent tenant space. Fatema Crane 10-12-16
ZP2016-0081 920 Gilman Modify UP2015-0188 Immanuel Bereket 10-12-16
DRSL2015-0005 2813 Eighth Renovation and conversion of existing structure, resulting in 3 living units with on-site parking. Anne Burns 10-13-16
DRSA2016-0022 1995 El Dorado Signage     Anne Burns 11-03-16
ZP2016-0137 1170 Grizzly Peak Enclosing an 84-sq. ft. second floor porch Gaby Pantoja 11-07-16
ZP2016-0155 3113 Harper To legalize an (attic) residential addition to remain unfinished. Charles Enchill 11-07-16
ZP2016-0122 2904 Pine 39 sq. ft. addition extending non-conforming side and rear setbacks. Gaby Pantoja 11-07-16
ZP2015-0216 2116-18 Roosevelt Addition of 8th bedroom Layal Nawfal 11-03-16
ZP2016-0169 2575 San Pablo Establish retail Leslie Mendez 10-26-16
ZP2016-0022 2702 Shasta New single family residence on vacant lot in R-1H Layal Nawfal 10-20-16
ZP2016-0023 2704 Shasta New single family residence on vacant lot in R-1H Layal Nawfal 10-20-16
ZP2016-0024 2706 Shasta New single family residence on vacant lot in R-1H Layal Nawfal 10-20-16
ZP2015-0071 2129 Shattuck Berkeley's mixed-use high-rise hotel Greg Powell 06-16-16
ZP2016-0143 2225 Shattuck Incidental service of beer and wine at new Chipotle Gaby Pantoja 11-08-16
ZP2015-0248 2732 Stuart Residential addition over 14' and extension of a non-conforming front yard setback on a lot that exceeds lot coverage Immanuel Bereket 11-02-16
ZP2015-0072 1651 Tenth (1) Convert existing single story residence into a 2-story structure and (2) construct 2-story single family residnece in the rear yard. James Frank 10-12-16
ZP2016-0068 1737 Tenth Construct a new SFR behind exisitng SFR. Create 7 bedrooms total. Leslie Mendez 11-03-16



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