General Information
General Information

 Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 01-27-2015

  • Projects listed below have been acted on by the Zoning Adjustments Board or the Zoning Officer.
  • Staff has issued a Notice of Decision announcing the action, appeal deadline and appeal instructions.
  • Decisions on Zoning Applications may be appealed:
    • Zoning Officer decisions are appealed to ZAB
    • ZAB decisions are appealed to City Council
KEY: Guidelines:
Click on address to view the Notice of Decision

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Permit #



Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2014-0038 914 Channing Major residential addition Pamela Johnson 02-17-15
AUP2014-0090 714 Creston Major residential addition Nicholas McIlroy 02-05-15
AUP2014-0073 3123-25 Eton Eliminate one of two dwelling units to restore the original single-family use Jordan Harrison 02-10-15
ZP2014-0040 125 Hillcrest Residential addition over 14' in average height Fatema Crane 02-17-15
ZP2014-0020 860 Hilldale Residential addition Fatema Crane 01-26-15
ZP2014-0027 1507 Lincoln Major residential addition and construct new accessory building containing ground floor workshop and ADU above Fatema Crane 02-02-15
ZP2014-0047 1186 Miller Major residential addition Elizabeth Greene 02-12-15
ZP2014-0011 2434 San Pablo Convert carryout to quick-serve restaurant, outdoor cafe seating, beer and wine Aaron Sage 02-02-15
DRSL2014-0033 1491 Shattuck Façade changes Anne Burns 02-05-15
ZP2014-0079 1797 Shattuck Establish incidental beer and wine service Claudine Asbagh 02-11-15
DRSL2014-0040 2367 Shattuck Renovate storefront Anne Burns 02-06-15
DRSA2014-0039 2370 Shattuck Signage: Amazing Crab Anne Burns 01-30-15
ZP2014-0017 21 Shattuck Square Establish a quick serve restaurant Fatema Crane 01-25-15
DRSL2014-0038 1398 University Renovate storefront and new signage Anne Burns 02-06-15



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