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Department of Public Works
Department of Public Works

Measure B/BB Transportation Sales Tax and Vehicle
Registration Fee Funding

 In November 2000, Alameda County voters approved MeasureACTC Logo
B, a continuation of the county's half-cent transportation
sales tax through 2022. The Alameda County Transportation
Commission (Alameda CTC), which administers Measure B, developed an
expenditure plan with the following regional

  • Expand mass transit programs,  
  • Fix aging highways,  
  • Maintain and improve local streets and roads,  
  • Improve bike and pedestrian safety, and 
  • Expand special transportation services for seniors and people
    with disabilities.

More information about Measure B is available at

In November 2014, Alameda County voters approved Measure
BB, authorizing an extension and augmentation of the
existing transportation sale tax (Measure B). Measure BB is
projected to generate approximately $8 billion in revenues from
April 2015 to March 2045 for transportation improvements for
Alameda County. Priorities are to: 

  • Expand BART, bus, ferry and rail services. 
  • Keep fares affordable for youth, seniors and people with
  • Provide traffic relief by improving local streets and roads and
    highway corridors. 
  • Improve air quality and provide clean transportation by
    expanding bicycle and pedestrian paths and the regional rail
  • Create good jobs within Alameda County by requiring local
    contracting and supporting community developments that improve
    access to jobs and schools.

More information about Measure BB is available at

In November 2010 the Measure F Alameda County Vehicle
Registration Fee
 (VRF) Program was approved by
Alameda County voters. The fee will generate about $11 million per
year by a $10 per year vehicle registration fee. The collection of
the $10 per year vehicle registration fee started in May 2011. The
goal of the VRF program is to sustain the County's transportation
network and reduce traffic congestion and vehicle related

More information about Measure VRF is available at

In Berkeley, Measure B, BB, and VRF funds pay for both capital
costs of construction projects as well as grant matching funds and
staff time to deliver our pedestrian and bicycle programs. Listed
below are some recent Measure projects and programs funded fully or
partially through B, BB, and VRF.

Measure B/BB/VRF Capital Projects in Berkeley

Measure B, BB, and/or VRF provided either full or partial
funding for the following capital projects: 

Roadway Repaving:    

Pedestrian Safety Improvements:

  • Sidewalk Repair and Pathway Improvements
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) Pilot Project at
    Adeline/Harmon. Pilot Project success was noted when Caltrans staff
    conducted site visit. City subsequently installed RRFBs at
    Alcatraz/King, Shattuck/Oregon, and as part of SR2S projects.

Matching Funds:

  • Active Transportation Program Cycle 2:
    9th Street Pathway
  • Active Transportation Program SR2S Cycle 1: LeConte
  • Safe Routes to School Cycle 10: Emerson Elementary, Martin
    Luther King, Jr. Middle School
  • Safe Routes to School Cycle 8: Rosa Parks Elementary, Thousand
    Oaks Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary and Berkeley Arts Magnet
  • Safe Routes to Transit FY 09-10: AC Transit Pedestrian and
    Bicycle Access Improvements (Shattuck/Vine and Solano/Colusa)
  • Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) FY 09-10: West Street
    Pathway, Delaware to Ohlone Greenway Gap Closure
  • Ohlone Greenway rehabilitation as part of BART Seismic Retrofit
    Project; constructed in Spring 2012

Measure B/BB/VRF Pedestrian/Bicycle and Complete Streets
Programs in Berkeley:

Measure B, BB, and/or VRF provided either full or partial
funding for the following program activities, including planning
studies and personnel expenses: 

  • The City's first comprehensive Bike Plan
    since 2000  will be adopted
    in Fall of 2016. VRF funds are being used to pay for part of this
    effort, along with Transportation Development Act Article III.
    Measure B funds pay for staff time for project management.
  • The City's first Berkeley Strategic Transportation
    (BeST Plan) was initiated in 2015 and will be adopted
    in 2016, partially funded by Measure B.
  • The City's first Complete Streets Implementation
    was initiated in 2015, partially funded by Measure
  • The City's first Pedestrian Master Plan,
    adopted in June, 2010, partially funded by Measure B.
  • Completion of the 9th Street Bicycle Boulevard
     pathway, connecting West Berkeley to
    Emeryville. City used multiple non-Measure B funding sources for
    construction. Project planning, public process, design review, and
    project management were conducted by staff supported by Measure B
    Bike/Ped funds.
  • Installed hundreds of new bicycle parking spaces
    per year since 2010. Capital costs funded by
    BAAQMD Transportation Funds for Clean Air (TFCA). Project
    management, public process, site selection, and inspection
    conducted by City staff supported by Measure B.
  • In partnership with BART, continued operation of the nation's
    largest Bike Station. Contract management and
    project oversight supported by Measure B personnel
  • Designed Ohlone Greenway Betterments
    from Gilman/Curtis to the Albany border, as part of the BART
    seismic retrofit project, including bike/ped safety
  • Redesigned and repaved Milvia St. Bicycle
     to include wider upgraded bicycle
    Secured $1.9M in Transportation Enhancement funds for
    the Bay Trail Extension to the Berkeley
    Marina utilizing Measure B funded staff time. Construction was
    completed in 2012
  • Secured $1.9M in Transportation Enhancement funds for
    the Bay Trail Extension to the Berkeley
    Marina utilizing Measure B funded staff time. Construction was
    completed in 2012.

     For more information on sidewalk, street repair, and transportation projects funded through Measure B, BB, and/or VRF, please see the 2016-2017 City of Berkeley Proposed Capital Improvement Program.
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