Office of Vital Statistics
Office of Vital Statistics

Adding or Removing the Father - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I change or delete the Father's name on my (child's) birth certificate?

No.  Only if you have a court order that allows you to do that.   

  • How do I change the Father's Name on my (child's) birth certificate when there is already someone listed as the father?

If you have a court order allowing you to do so, submit a certified copy of the court order along with the Application to Amend a Birth Record - Adjudication of Facts of Parentage Form (VS21) and $23 fee to the State Registrar in Sacramento, CA and your request will be processed in accordance with their processing times.   Please click here to be redirected to the CDPH website to check processing times.

  • How can I add the Father's name to my child's Birth Certificate (when Father's name field is blank)?

You have two ways to do that.   If the Father is willing to be listed on the Birth Certificate, you may both come to our office and request a Declaration of Paternity to be filled out.    Please click here for details on this procedure.

However if the Father is refusing to sign the Declaration of Paternity, the only other way would be to establish paternity through the court process by doing a DNA test.  Please contact any Family Court near to where you live for more detailed information on how to proceed towards that.   


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