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 Thank You!

Thank you to all the donors, exhibitors, vendors and the hundreds of volunteers who made the 2014 Berkeley Emergency Prep Fair possible.  Your contribution helped hundreds of parents, children, pet owners and organizations take action to better prepare themselves and our entire community.

Read the After Action Report

  2014 BEPF Story Time   2014 BEPF Fire Chief  2014 BEPF CPR
 2014 BEPF Fire Extinguishers   2014 BEPF Friends of BACS   2014 BEPF Childrens Hospital
 2014 BEPF First Aid   2014 BEPF Berkeley Unified  2014 BEPF Presentation Area

Photos Courtesy of Mark Coplan  

Special thanks to the below individuals and organizations.   

The Berkeley CERT Fair Planning Team: Gradiva Couzin, Kim Tonkyro, David Snippen, Emily Colwell, Mary McBride, Sarah Jones, Bill Springer,Elaina Lovejoy, Roger Sharpe, Chadidjah McFall, Susan Snyder, George Nace, Jenny Wenk, Shawn Connors, Khin Chin

 2014 Prep Fair Thank You

Donors and Sponsors:American Red Cross, Safeway, CLIF BarFriends of Berkeley Animal Care Services, Berkeley Surplus, Brushstrokes Studio,  Urban Ore, Treehouse Green Gifts, Animal Farm, Doctors Fosters and Smith, Best Equipment Company, Walgreens,  Alliance Graphics, Costco, Sticky Art Lab, Mechanics Bank, Bill Springer, Gradiva Couzin, Orchard Supply and Hardware, Minuteman Press, BART

Supporters and Contributors: City Manager Christine Daniel, Fire Chief Gil Dong, Deputy Fire Chief Aaron Lee, BART,BART Police, Berkeley City Council, Berkeley Animal Care Services, Berkeley Humane, Ÿ Berkeley Parks, Recreation & Waterfront,Ÿ Berkeley Public Library, Berkeley Public Health,Ÿ Berkeley Unified School District,Ÿ Berkeley PTA Council, American Red Cross, County Supervisor Keith Carson, Lawrence Hall of Science,Ÿ Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland, Berkeley Police Department, Berkeley High ROP Fire Science, Khin Chin, Matthai Chakko, Jim Hynes, Shallon Allen, Denise Brown, Marvin Buckley, Marcellis Ashely, Daniel, Robles, Eric Brenman, Roger Mason, Andy Schneider, Emmy Bersonda, Kate O’Connor, Amelia Funghi, Jim Thompson, Suzanne Olawski, Sarah Dentan, Armin Arethna, Tanya Bustamante, Rodney Evans, Darlene Saunders, Doug Bartlett, Barbara Morita, Sandy Miarecki, Shawn Connors, Dinorah Barton-Antonio, Ana Bertero, Kimi Hosoume, Gretchen Walker, Warren Holden, G.P. Skratz, Lisa Bullwinkel, Emilie Raguso, Mr. D's Music Club,  Marc Babin, Barry Solomon, Harlan James Blue Grass Band, Smooth Toad, Truitt & White, Fast Response, Tracker's Earth: East Bay, Fist of Flour Pizza, Kernel Steve's Kettle Corn, Fast Response, KALX 

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