Petitions and Forms


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Index to Registration Forms (PDF files)
Index to Petition Forms (PDF files)
Index to Ellis Relocation Forms (PDF files)
Index to Administrative and Other Forms (PDF files)

Sample Forms/Form Letters

Informational pages:

Petition Process/List of Petitions

Tenant ("T") Petitions (Individual Rent Adjustment)

Landlord ("L") Petitions (Individual Rent Adjustment)

Request for Certificate of Permissible Rent Level / Request for Advisory Determination Form

Rent Withholding ("RWN") Petitions

Appeal of a Certificate of Permissible Rent Level ("C" Petition)

Petition to Determine Exempt Status of Rental Unit ("E" Petition)

Petition for Determination of Occupancy Status ("D" Petition)

Petition to Determine Eligibility to Set Initial Rent ("IRD" Petition)

Appealing a Decision on a Petition

Proof of Service Form (printable PDF file)

How to Complete a Proof of Service Form

Obtaining a Subpoena for Hearing

Compliance Hearing or Decision Request Form