Commendations, Praise & Recognition from Community Members & Colleagues 

February 6, 2017

I wanted to say thank you to everybody who was involved in my group's visit at Fire Station Number Two this morning. 

My au pairs had a lot of fun and the friendly staff at the station was great!  We had a fantastic time and I have posted pictures on my website. If you don't mind, can you please forward the link with pictures to the guys at the station so they can see how much their community work was enjoyed!? Thank you!

:-) Kirstin


December 13, 2016 

Dear Berkeley Fire Department,  

This is to express our sincere appreciation to Jennifer Lazo of Fire/Office of Emergency Services, for her participation in our company's Annual Safety Fair.  A thank you also to Captain Victor Quilici and the crew of Engine Company 1 for their support and fire engine display.  When we reached out to the fire department for participation in our fair, Jennifer enthusiastically agreed to attend and worked with Captain Quilici to have Engine Company 1 join her at the fair.  This truly helped to make the event better for our employees.  They engaged very well with our folks and provided useful fire safety and emergency preparedness information that will help keep our employees safe.  They were all fantastic ambassadors for the Berkeley Fire Department!  Well done!     

-Bayer Laboratories 

May 2015   

I wanted to thank Keauanna Mackey for helping me schedule a station tour on April 27th. Everyone at the station was very friendly! I'd also like to give a commendation to Fire Fighter Eric Espinoza who gave us a very engaging tour. I hope we can schedule more of these visits.   

Best Regards, Armi    


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