Parks, Recreation & Waterfront (PRW) Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Recurring capital funding is used to address our most critical unfunded needs and allows selected projects in our City parks to be accomplished annually on an ongoing basis. These funds along with Measure WW provides funding for the acquisition, restoration and improvements of parks and recreation facilities.  These improvements include safety and accessibility; replacing deteriorated play equipment; repairing or replacing site furnishings; improvements to existing playing fields for increased youth sports opportunities and basic infrastructure improvements including rehabilitation of sports courts, lighting, eroding walkways and irrigation renovations.  

Capital Budget Projects FY 16-19    

PRW Capital Improvements Budget Report provides an update on current and planned parks capital improvement and major maintenance projects, including changes following the passage of Measure F, and describes the unfunded needs in City parks, waterfront, camps, and pools.  With the passage of Measure F in November 2014, voters approved $1.7M in additional parks funding, starting in FY16. Of this amount, $750,000 per year was allocated to major maintenance projects, $450,000 to minor maintenance projects, and $500,000 to close the structural deficit. This raised annual funding for parks capital and major maintenance projects from the prior $650,000 to $1.4M.   

Here is an Interactive Story Map to explore the projects in their various stages, as well as a Project Summary.


Unfunded Capital Projects 

As of 2016, the Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Department estimates that the parks system has up to $165 million in Unfunded Capital and Major Maintenance Needs, these are much needed repairs and upgrades in order to meet current safety and accessibility standards. 


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