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7/2/2015 Nomination of City Manager 

  7/1/15 Biennial Budget


 6/28/15 Berkeley officials celebrate Supreme Court ruling

6/24/15 City Council approves biennial budget during Tuesday meeting

6/14/15 East Bay Municipal Utility District raises water rate


 5/25/15 Redistricting, Public Financing Proposals

5/17/15 Telegraph Business Improvement District revisits code of conduct for Telegraph Avenue

5/14/15 Bike to Work Day aims to promote healthier commute

 5/7/15 Downtown development discussed at special City Council meeting


4/28/15 Berkeley Bicycle Plan workshop draws a crowd

4/26/15 Berkeley City Council set to consider new housing density bonus rules

4/20/15 City proposal to restrict tobacco product sales draws worry about livelihoods of business owners  

4/19/15 City Council extends discount on city affordable housing fee to July 1st

4/8/15 Berkeley calls special meeting to discuss downtown 'community benefits

4/9/15 Berkeley Launches Program to Help Homeowners Conserve Energy And Water

4/8/15 Berkeley City Council to send letter of support for vaccination exemption bill







 7/12/12 KPFA: The Morning Mix with Andres (audio)  

 7/11/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley sitting ban goes to ballot after raucous   

 7/11/12 The Wall Street Journal: Sidewalk is Battleground in Berkeley     

 7/11/12 Univision: Polemica medida en contra de jornaleros de Berkeley (video)  

 7/11/12 CBS San Francisco: Voters to Decide on Berkeley Sit-Lie Ban   

 7/11/12 The Berkeley Daily Planett: Press Release: Mayor's Mistakes Censor    

 7/11/12 KTVN: Berkeley voters to decide sidewalk-sitting ban   

 7/10/12 KTVU Berkeley Voters to decide sidewalk-sit ban   

 7/09/12 The Berkeley Daily Planet: Press Release: Arreguin to Offer Alternative to Sit-Lie Ordinance
 Link to the Compassionate Sidewalks Plan   

 7/09/12 The Berkeley Daily Planet: ACLU Opposes Anti-Sitting Measure: Letter to the Council   

 7/7/12 The Daily Cal: Mayor faces criticism for controversial ballot measure vote   


 sit protest  

Source:  Berkeleyside  


 6/14/12 MSNBC: Beware, sidewalk sitters: Berkeley is coming for you   

 06/13/12 Sidewalk sitting ban goes to Berkeley Voters   



      5/5/12 Daily Californian: Center for Independent Living celebrates grand opening of new store on Telegraph   

 5/10/12 A record number of cyclists ride on Bike to Work Day    

 5/24/12 Berkeleyside: West Berkeley Project a step closer to being adopted   



 4/2/12 Berkeleyside: Nine firefighters are promoted in Berkeley ceremony   

 4/6/12 The Berkeley Daily Planet: Commentary: Three for History: Andy, Anthony and Sydney   

 4/19/12 Berkeleyside: Telegraph Avenue property owner shows plans for vacant site   

 4/26/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley parkers may get five-minute grace period   

 4/29/12 Daily Californian: Community rallies in support of local swimming pools   

 4/29/12 Daily Californain: Editorial: Five minutes of bliss: A five-minute grace period for parking violations is a win-win for all. The Berkeley City Council should adopt the proposal.    

  4/30/12 Berkeleyside: Community rallies to get pool measure on ballot   



 3/1/12 Daily Californian: City Council to vote on program to let Telegraph businesses expand to sidewalk   

 3/4/12 Daily Californian: City Council to consider limiting campaign contributions from contractors    

 3/6/12 Daily Californian: Bizarre bazaar: Give Telegraph Avenue business owners the opportunity to set up shops on the sidewalk. There isn't much to lose.    

 3/7/12 Daily Californian: City Council moves forward  with program to let Telegraph businesses expand to sidewalk   

 3/12/12 Berkeleyside: Oakland Angstadt to be Berkeley's new planning director   

 3/13/12 Berkeleyside: Few comments on Chief Meehan before Council session    

 3/14/12 Berkeleyside: Spotlight on city manager's response to Chief Meehan   

 3/19/12 Daily Californian: Students, city officials to collaborate to form working group   

 3/21/12 Daily Californain: City Council approves downtown area plan   

 3/22/12 Daily Californian: CALPRIG seeks to garner 60,000 signatures to ban plastic bags   

 3/28/12 Daly Californian: Berkeley City Council could weigh in on charges against Occupy Cal protesters    



 2/01/12 Daily Californian: Berkeley moving forward with tougher plastic bag ban   

 2/01/12 Daily Californian: City files lawsuit against owner of vacant Haste Street lot   

 2/10/12 Berkeleyside: Should Berkeley have a kinder parking ticket policy?    

 2/13/12 Daily Californian: Despite meeting recycling goal, city falls behind in county comparison   

 2/14/12 Daily Californian: City postpones discussion of parking ticket policy   

 2/15/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley passes police mutual aid agreement   

 2/21/12 Daily Californian: The city of Berkeley's new ordinance to protect bicyclists is welcome but does little to fortify the effect of existing laws.   

 2/22/12 Daily Californian: City Council to look into ways to revitalize Telegraph Avenue   

 2/23/12 Daily Californian: Rise of price in parking ticket fines rincreases city revenue   

 2/29/12 Daily Californian: Council discussion of ballot measure focuses on city's aging infrastructure    

 2/29/12 Daily Californian: Report shows drop in city crime rates   



       1/25/12 Berkeleyside: Berkeley property company in court over deposits 

 1/25/12 Berkeleyside: Will Berkeley pass a plastic bag ban soon?   

 1/25/12 Berkeleyside: Fire at Berkeley's Great China restaurant on Kitterdge St.   

 1/19/12 Daily Californian: History of tenant complaints fuels claims of negligence against landlords   

 1/18/12 Daily Californian: City Council votes to delay redistricting in Berkeley   

 1/18/12 Berkeleyside: City defers redistricting, plans charter amendment   

 1/17/12 Berkeleyside: Elmwood business quotas may change to help starups   

 1/13/12 Berkeleyside: What's in a name? In Berkeley, a lengthy process   

 1/09/12 Daily Caifornian: Raleigh's, Cafe Intermezzo may reopen after haste Street fire   


property deposits  




    12/7/11 Daily Californian: Sequoia fire aftermath: Cause, rights, future   



    11/8/11 Berkeleyside: Are Blackberries best best for Berkeley in Emergencies?    



    10/31/11 Daily Californian: Berkeley Proud and LOUD at Pride celebration Sunday     



     9/29/11 Berkeleyside: Rapid growth of cannabis collective raises concern   

     9/15/11 Daily Californian: Student tenants protest against local landlords at senior center   

     9/6/11 Berkeleyside: City to consider suing owner of blighted Telegraph lot 



     8/25/11 Daily Californian: City maintains shower program for homeless     



     7/14/11 Berkeleyside: Cal leaders push to put student on Berkeley City Council     



    6/27/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley councilmembers celebrate Gay Pride Day     


jesee and kriss pride  


     5/27/11 Berkeleyside: A councilmember takes to Twitter, other officials lag    



     4/28/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley crime rates show steady decline   



     3/23/11 Berkeleyside: City's best scenario: Cuts of $12.5 million    

     3/11/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley students drop everything... to read  



    2/11/11 Berkeleyside: Berkeley's Bradley Manning resolution is watered down   



   1/12/11 Daily Planet: Why Willard Pool Was Filled   


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