Current Bid & Proposal Opportunities

The following is a list of current solicitations for City of Berkeley non-construction Bids and RFPs. For construction projects, see below. If you are intending to respond to an item or engage in another vendor relationship with the City, please see Additional Information & Links, below.

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Non-Construction Bids & Proposals

 Specification #

 Title/Description & Related Specification Files

Due Date

SAMPLE Personal Services Contract     
SAMPLE Consulting (Professional) Services Contract    
17-11121   Revision of Personnel and Other Employee Rules and Regulations 03/28/2017 Amy Ho


Addendum A - Questions and Answers    
  See Sample Personal Services Contract Above    
17-11120-C   Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex and Gab's Fields Maintenance 04/06/2017 Sue Ferrera
  See Sample Personal Services Contract Above    
 17-11112-C New(1) On-Call Hazardous Waste Management 04/13/2017 Joy Brown
  Exhibit A - Pricing Sheet    
  See Sample Personal Services Contract Above    
17-11080-C New(1) Records Management and Offsite Storage Services 04/18/2017 Martha McNulty
  See Sample Personal Services Contract Above    
17-11116-C   Engineering Services for Post Closure Maintenance and Monitoring 04/25/2017 Reeve Battle
  Attachment I - WDR - Permit to Operate - Permit to Construct    
  Attachment J - Surface Emissions Alternative Monitoring Compliance Plan    
  Attachment K - Boring Logs and Monitoring Well Construction Details    
  Attachment L - Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Plans    
  Attachment M - Site Location Map and Site Plans    
  See Sample Personal Services Contract Above    




Construction Bids

For information on Public Works and Parks, Recreation & Waterfront construction-related projects, please see Construction Project Bid Opportunities.

Additional Information & Links

If you are unable to acces this information or have any questions, please contact:
General Services - Procurement by email or phone (510) 981-7320 or TDD (510) 981-7250.--C