Citywide Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2014

On June 25, 2013, the City Council adopted the FY 2014 Budget, which included the Citywide Work Plan for Fiscal Year 2014.

Download the FY 2014 Citywide Work Plan here (210 pages, PDF).

The Work Plan reflects the day to day activities of the City organization, which includes delivering both baseline services and special projects. Baseline services are the services the City provides on an ongoing basis, such as garbage collection and emergency response. Special projects are additional efforts, often involving several departments working together over several years.

The Work Plan is a functional document that includes an individual Work Plan prepared by each City department that reports to the City Manager. (Thus, the Work Plan does not include the City Auditor, the Library, the Rent Board or the Mayor and City Council offices.) The Work Plan helps us have a clear picture of the services the City is providing now, in order to make more informed decisions about allocating resources in the future.

A few notes about the Work Plan:

To go directly to the individual department's web page, follow the links below:

City Clerk Department 
City Manager's Office 
Economic Development
Finance Department
Fire Department
Health, Housing and Community Services
Human Resources
Information Technology
Parks Recreation and Waterfront
Planning and Development Department
Police Department
Public Works
City of Berkeley Boards and Commissions

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