Plan Check Requirements and Schedules 

Check the status of your plan check for a building permit application. 

Plans can be submitted to the Permit Service Center, 2120 Milvia Street in Berkeley, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Please call 510-981-7502 to schedule an appointment to submit your plans. Plans are NOT accepted by mail. Plan check fees are based on the valuation of the project and are due upon submittal.

All exterior modifications to residential and commercial buildings require Land Use Planning review and subsequent approval. Please contact the Land Use Planning Division, 510-981-7410, for Zoning requirements.

All plans submitted for a building permit need to be complete sets, including:

Site plans are required to show all existing buildings on the property, parking areas, lot coverage calculations, street orientations, etc. Architectural plans need to include elevations, floor plans showing exiting and proposed new construction, reflected ceiling plans, electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans, and details and sections supporting the work. Two of the required plan check sets must be wet-signed by the preparer and must include the preparer's name, address and telephone number on the cover sheet. The cover sheet must list the building construction type, occupancy types(s), zoning designation and if the building is or is planned to be, equipped with fire sprinklers. More information is included in the Building Permit Detailed Checklist and Document Submittal Checklist for Single Family Residences. 

Permit Service Center staff must evaluate your plans and verify your labor and material costs to calculate the required fee. Please use our website to get an estimate of your project fees.  Please call the PSC at 510-981-7500 for further assistance. 

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