Permits by Fax 

The City of Berkeley accepts and issues permits for minor work via the Fax machine, with payment by MasterCard or Visa credit card. Work for which a permit will be processed are limited to the following:


  • Roofing (when no additional weight is being added)

  • Payment of re-inspection or overtime inspection fee

  • Permit Extensions

  • CECO payment

  • RECO payment


  • Service upgrade or change

  • Electrical for remodeling or new projects


  • Replacement of heaters or furnaces

  • New gas lines

  • Utility inspections for PG&S



  • Right-of-way


  • Over-sized load

To use this service for construction permits, please fill out the Fax Permit Application form along with the correction permit application. Your contractor will need to have a current City of Berkeley business license and workers' compensation information.

Once the permit has been issued, you will need to call the Building & Safety Division to schedule an inspection. Please call the inspection scheduling line at (510) 981-7444 at least 24-hours in advance of the desired inspection, or schedule an inspection online at