Berkeley Bicycle Plan 

biking in berkeley2The purpose of the Bicycle Plan is to make Berkeley a model bicycle-friendly city where bicycling is a safe, attractive, easy, and convenient form of transportation and recreation for people of all ages and bicycling abilities. The Plan includes goals, policies, and recommendations for bikeways, bicycle parking, promotion programs, and safety education programs. The bikeway costs, prioritization criteria, and list of funding sources in the Plan will help City staff, the City Council, and the community to determine where to focus our energy within the range of recommended bicycle projects and programs.


The entire 2000 Berkeley Bicycle Plan can be downloaded here (pdf, 1.25 MB)

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The 2000 Berkeley Bike Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 Goals and Policies

3 Setting

Figure 1 - Existing Conditions (Adobe Acrobat PDF: 56K/1 Page*)

4 Bikeway Network and Bike Facilities

Figure 2 - Recommended Bikeway Network (Adobe Acrobat PDF: 74K/1 Page*)

Figure 3 - Study Areas and Large Capital Projects (Adobe Acrobat PDF: 71K/1 Page*)

5 Bicycle Education and Safety

6 Bicycle Promotion Programs

7 Implementation

Appendix F: Proposed and Existing Berkeley Bikeways Inventory

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