Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool that allows two-way communication between a database and a map. GIS lets you "see" data that refers to a location on a map. This page provides three types of GIS products developed by City of Berkeley:

Questions, comments, and suggestions regarding GIS in the City of Berkeley may be directed to:  

City of Berkeley Department of Information Technology Department
2180 Milvia St., Berkeley 94704

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Run Reports:

The Parcel Conditions and Permit History provides the development conditions and building permit history for a specific address or parcel number in the City of Berkeley, along with an interactive map, which displays the parcel number and zoning for adjacent parcels.


cobviewershots  Browse Interactive Maps:

The COB Viewer is the City of Berkeley's dynamic map application that provides useful information regarding its main geograpahical features. The COBViewer is particularly helpful in navigating to and identifying information regarding key features: parcels, addresses, parks, streets, city facilities, among others. A toolbar adds functionality in an easy-to-use interface, while aerial photography provides further context.
maproomshots Display or Download Maps:

The Map Room is a City of Berkeley repository of maps presenting a wide range of geographic data in a useful format. The set of maps pertaining to: General plan, zoning, transportation, Landmarks, environmental management areas and constraints, creeks, hazard study zones, and redevelopment areas, among others.