Residential Street Sweeping Program

Residential street sweeping is a City service that helps to beautify our community by removing litter and debris from our streets. It also protects our environment, because street sweeping reduces the pollutant load (litter, leaves, pet/animal debris, heavy metals, sediment, etc.) that could clog our storm drain system or might otherwise reach our waterways or the Bay.

The schedule for street sweeping in your area can be found on signs posted along the streets. In addition, here are Residential Street Sweeping Schedules for streets by alphabetical and numbered names. This information is in the process of being updated - please also refer to the signs posted for the street sweeping day in your area.

 Residential Street Sweeping Schedule | Alphabetical by Street Name: A through G

 Residential Street Sweeping Schedule | Alphabetical by Street Name: H through Z

 Residential Street Sweeping Schedule | Numbered Streets

Please note: As a cost-saving measure, streets are no longer swept on holidays. When scheduled street sweeping falls on a holiday, the streets affected will be swept on their next regularly scheduled day.

How can you do your part?

 Questions?  Contact Public Works Customer Service at (510) 981-6620 (voice) or (510) 981-6903 (TDD).