About Us

  Scott Ferris, Director, Parks, Recreation and Waterfront


Appointed by the City Manager, the Director of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront is responsible for the administration of the department's services and programs, and the preparation of the annual budget.  The Director hires department managers for each of the major divisions to assist him in carrying out his duties.  For more information about the Department, visit the City Budget and review the Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department pages.

The Director also oversees several divisions and major programs within the department.


Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Leadership and Staff

In addition to the staff members in each of the above divisions and programs, the Director works directly with the following leadership to carry out the Department's major tasks:


Peggy Gibbons, Deputy Director, Parks, Recreation & Waterfront  

Deborah Chernin, Principal Planner, Planning and Design Unit    

Sue Ferrera, Superintendent, Parks Division

Denise Brown, Recreation and Youth Services Manager

John Mann, Waterfront Manager

Tanya Moore, 2020 Vision Manager

Roger Miller, Sr. Management Analyst

Christina Erickson, Leases, Community Agency Contracts, Budget