solar PV iconSolar Photovoltaic (PV) Permitting and Submittal Requirements 

Submittal Requirements: The Solar PV System Submittal Requirements provides a complete description of the plans needed to obtain permit(s) for solar PV systems. For general solar information and resources, see Solar Information   

The City of Berkeley also offers a streamlined permitting procedure for small solar PV rooftop systems (10kW AC or less) for single family and duplex homes. This streamlined procedure includes the use of standard plans and offers electronic submission of applications. Please see the Solar PV Residential Requirements for Streamlined Review for full details.

Application submittal and permit fees: Call 510-981-7502 for an appointment to submit application materials and obtain permits for solar PV systems. Projects eligible for streamlined review may elect to submit applications electronically, see Solar PV Residential Requirements for Streamlined Review.

All solar PV systems must meet fire safety requirements. For any questions regarding Fire Department regulations, please contact the Fire Life Safety Plans Examiner at 510-981-7447.

Residential solar electric permits fees are set at the minimum electrical permit fee per installation with no extra charge for hourly plan check fees. Multifamily (3 or more units) and commercial permits are subject to hourly plan check fees. If structural work is needed, building permit and plan check fees will be based on the valuation of the structural work required.

Materials and Submittal Requirements for Solar PV Permit Applications

Be solar ready Being solar ready means that a building is designed and built to accommodate future installation of a PV and/or solar thermal system. The 2013 Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6, Section 110.10) specifies mandatory requirements for solar ready buildings applicable to hotel/motel and multifamily buildings of 10 stories or fewer, other nonresidential buildings of 3 stories or fewer, and single family homes that are part of a subdivision of 10 or more homes.   

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