Triggers and Ordinances Required Before Permit Issuance

Private Sewer Lateral (PSL)

Sewer lines on private property must be inspected and replaced or repaired when the value of construction work exceeds $100,000 or costs more than $58,900. Effective June 1, 2011, you will be required to submit a Sewer Lateral Certificate (SLC) from the Public Works Department before receiving a building permit for your remodeling project(s).  If you do not submit the SLC, the city will issue a plan check correction notice indicating you need to provide a copy of a Sewer Lateral Certificate before a building permit will be issued. Private Sewer Lateral Compliance Questions:  (510) 981-6423  


Waste Diversion

For assistance with filling our the C&D form, contact Building & Safety at (510) 981-7440 or