Triggers and Ordinances Required Before Permit Issuance

Private Sewer Lateral (PSL)  

Sewer lines on private property must be inspected and replaced or repaired when the value of construction work exceeds $60,000. You will be required to submit a Sewer Lateral Certificate (SLC) from the Public Works Department proving the private sewer lateral is less than 20 years old or has been repaired with the prior seven years before receiving a building permit for your remodeling project(s). If you do not submit the Sewer Lateral Certificate, the city will issue a plan check correction notice indicating you need to provide a copy of a Sewer Lateral Certificate before a building permit will be issued. Alternatively, the owner may replace the entire private sewer lateral without prior inspection or testing. Private Sewer Lateral Compliance Questions: (510) 981-6423. For more information, see  Public Works sewer lateral.


Waste Diversion

For assistance with filling our the C&D form, contact Building & Safety at (510) 981-7440 or