Medical Cannabis Commission

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To ensure that medical cannabis provision in Berkeley is conducted in a safe and orderly manner to protect the welfare of Qualified Patients and the community.
City Hall, Redwood Conference Room
2180 Milvia Street, Sixth Floor
1st Thursday, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Please check the community calendar to verify.
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The Secretary of the Commission is responsible for relaying all communications from the public to the members of the commission.  The Secretary’s contact information is listed below.

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Elizabeth Greene
Senior Planner
(510) 981-7484
Mailing Address:
Medical Cannabis Commission
Elizabeth Greene, Secretary
2120 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Enabling Legislation:
The Berkeley Medical Cannabis Commission was established under the authority of Berkeley Municipal Code Section 12.26.110 as amended by its authorizing legislation, the Patients Access to Medical Cannabis Act of 2008 (aka Measure JJ), passed on November 4, 2008.  On November 2, 2010, Berkeley voters passed Measure T - Amendments to Medical Cannabis Regulations, making further changes to the structure and responsibilities of the Medical Cannabis Commission. 

Changes to Dispensary and Collective Regulations:   

Per Zoning Ordinance Section 23E.16.070, four dispensaries are permitted in Berkeley.  However, the City Council must adopt a new licensing process and standards for dispensaries before a 4th dispensary can be approved. The Medical Cannabis Commission has developed new standards for dispensaries and collectives and a ranking process for the Council’s consideration. This item was originally presented to the City Council on September 17, 2013. The Council discussed the documents and referred concerns and questions back to te MCC for consideration.

The next presentation to Council will be on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. This meeting is a continuation of the June 3, 2014 meeting. Public comment will be taken at this meeting.  The following documents have been submitted to Council for discussion:

  •  MCC Report to Council (includes modification to BMC Chapter 12. 26, a proposed BMC Chapter 12.27, a proposed ranking and allocation process to select a fourth dispensary and the MCC recommendation for additional dispensaries.  All but the recommendation for additional dispensaries have been revised to address Council questions and concerns from the September 2013 meeting.
  •  City Manager Report to Council 

Information from the September 17th meeting is below:

Additional Information:
Berkeley Ordinances related to medical cannabis: BMC section 12.26 and related Zoning Ordinance sections 
Memo from City Manager and City Attorney re: Implementation of Measure JJ (2008)
Text of Measure T (2010) and analysis   
Resolution 65008 - Ballot measure to increase the tax rate on cannabis businesses.pdf (Measure S, 2010)
Medical Marijuana Subcommittee of the City Council
Bylaws - revised 10-06-2011
Operating and Safety Standards - approved 12 18 08 
Commission Roster 
2014 Meeting Dates
Information for paying taxes
Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research report
Submittal Form: Medical Cannabis Criteria and Requirements
Business License Regulations and Checklist for Medical Cannabis Businesses
Buffer maps for schools and parks - reference only - 2012

Meeting Agendas & Minutes:
Agendas & Minutes are presented in PDF format. To view PDF files, download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Agendas and Minutes:  Current Year | Previous Years

2014 Agendas and Minutes: 
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