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The City of Berkeley is committed to helping residents save energy and lower utility costs. Energy efficiency upgrades can make your home healthier and more comfortable. See how Berkeley is working to meet its Climate Action Plan goals for Building Energy. The links below include energy-saving rebates and assistance.    

Energy Upgrade California Rebates for energy upgrades. Learn about available incentives, financing, and energy-saving tips and to find a local energy efficiency contractor.

Rising Sun Energy Center administers the California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program which runs through the summer and provides FREE basic energy assessments and energy-saving devices installed by local youth.

Income-Qualified Energy Efficiency Programs Spectrum Energy Services offers bill payment assistance and free weatherization services (weather stripping, attic insulation, and caulking) and energy efficient refrigerators to income-qualified residents.

Berkeley’s minimum requirements for energy and water efficiency The Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance (RECO) requires residential property owners to increase the energy and water efficiency in their buildings upon transfer of property ownership or when renovations are made.

Community Energy Services Corporation (CESC) is the only authorized auditor for Berkeley’s Residential and Energy Conservation Ordinance (RECO) to verify compliance with the ordinance. Other CESC services include SmartLights, a subsidized commercial lighting retrofit program, and SmartSolar, a FREE solar and energy efficiency consultation service for both commercial and residential sectors.

Energy Star If you purchase an energy-efficient product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit. 

Multifamily Green Energy efficiency rebates and assistance are currently available for multifamily property owners. Reduced energy use lowers operating costs for property owners and increases comfort and energy affordability for tenants. 

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