Laurie Capitelli  

Laurie Capitelli is a Bay Area native and a 1963 graduate of Palo Alto High School.  He attended UC Berkeley, where he met his wife, Marilyn, and graduated in 1967 with a degree in political science.   Laurie settled with his wife in Berkeley, and began a career at an east bay high school teaching history.  



 Soon after his two children were born, Laurie changed careers, becoming a real estate agent in a small, Berkeley firm, where he remains today.  In 1977 he and Marilyn bought their home in North Berkeley, and sent their children, Sarah and Matt, to Berkeley public schools. 

Laurie’s civic life in Berkeley includes service on both the City’s Planning Commission and the Zoning Adjustments Board.   He is a long-time board member of the Berkeley Public Education.  Before running for City Council, Laurie served as the chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Permitting and Development.

“I want Berkeley to continue to be a city that preserves its rich heritage, its architecture, and its cultural and economic diversity. I want us to celebrate and defend the intellectual nature of Berkeley.  My priority as a councilmember is to support and nurture our neighborhoods and the small commercial districts that help define our community, maintaining the best of what we have, while being flexible and creative in order to adapt to the future.”

In his spare time, Laurie plays poker, walks his dog Annie, and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.