Housing and Community Services Department
Housing and Community Services Department

City of Berkeley Shelter Plus Care Program

Information Sheet 

The Berkeley Shelter Plus Care Program is a housing subsidy program for people who are chronically homeless and disabled in Berkeley.  The Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and operated by the Berkeley Health, Housing and Community Services Department in collaboration with several community agencies.  Participants pay approximately 30% of their income towards rent, and receive ongoing supportive services.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must meet all  of the following criteria:

  • Chronically Homeless according to HUD based on one of the following definitions:
    • Continuously homeless on the streets or in shelters for last 12 consecutive months;
    • Currently on the streets or in a shelter for less than 12 months, with at least 4 separate episodes of being homeless and on the streets/in shelters during the past 3 years; OR
    • Currently in an institution (such as a detox facility, hospital, or jail) for less than 90 days and prior to that resided on the streets or in a shelter for 12 consecutive months or 4 separate episodes during past 3 years.
    • Residing in transitional housing and prior to that met the above criteria for being chronically homeless. (Persons in transitional housing do not meet HUD criteria, but may qualify for City of Berkeley program.)
  • Disabled due to a severe mental illness, or drug/alcohol dependence, or a physical disability or chronic medical condition. Priority will be given to those with a high need for services due to a life-threatening condition or who frequently use emergency services or have multiple hospitalizations or contacts with law enforcement officials.

How does someone apply?

Each of the agencies listed below maintains a waiting list for the Berkeley program.  New applications are accepted by each
agency only during limited open enrollment periods. In order qualify for a waiting list, applicants must be already enrolled in
services at the agency at the time of the open enrollment. 

Where can I apply?

The partner agencies that maintain a waiting list for the Shelter Plus Care Program are:

Bay Area Community Services
1814 Franklin Street, 4th Fl.
BOSS/Multi-Agency Service Center
1931 Center Street (843-3700)
Berkeley Drop-In Center
3234 Adeline Street (653-3808)
East Bay AIDS Center (869-8494)
Alta Bates Summit Center
Berkeley Food and Housing Project
2362 Bancroft Way
LifeLong Medical Care (451-4270)
616 16th Street, Oakland
Berkeley Mental Health (981-5216)
2640 MLK Way
Women's Day-time Drop-In Center
2218 Acton Street (549-4392)
Berkeley Aging Services (981-7682)
West Berkeley Senior Center
Youth Emergency Assistance Hostel
1744 University Ave.









For more information contact the City of Berkeley Health, Housing & Community Services Department at (510) 981-5400.




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