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Special Meeting eAnnotated Agenda
April 29, 2010




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7:00 P.M.

Longfellow Middle School - 1500 Derby Street (at Sacramento)
Berkeley, CA 94703

Tom Bates, Mayor


District 1 – Linda Maio

District 5 – Laurie Capitelli

District 2 – Darryl Moore

District 6 – Susan Wengraf

District 3 – Max Anderson

District 7 – Kriss Worthington

District 4 – Jesse Arreguin

District 8 – Gordon Wozniak

Preliminary Matters

Roll Call:  7:04 p.m Absent: Councilmember Anderson.

Public Comment – Items on this agenda only – 101 speakers.

Action Calendar:

1. Bus Rapid Transit Build Alternative (PDF)

Supplemental Agenda Material (PDF)

Communication from Bates, Maio, Capitelli (PDF)

From: City Manager
Recommendation: Adopt a Resolution forwarding a build alternative to AC Transit for study in its FEIS/R.
Financial Implications: See report
Contact: Dan Marks, Planning and Development, 981-7400

Action: M/S/C (Moore/Capitelli) to direct AC transit to consider the following local preferred build alternative for study in its Final Environmental Impact Study/Report.

Alternative B – Reduced Impact proposal (including Rapid Bus Plus) revised to reflect the following:

  • Shattuck Square (east side of triangle) will have no bus service, and will be calmed, to two lanes northbound for parking, loading and increased pedestrian space.  Right turns only from Shattuck Square to Addison or University.

and to include the following additional features:

  • NextBus (realtime) schedule signage
  • Standardization proof of payment system
  • Security features
  • Minimize parking loss
  • Priority signalization
  • Northbound BRT termination near Hearst Street and Oxford Street or Berkeley Way and Oxford Street.

Also to be included if technically or financially feasible:

  • Elevated , near-level and/or level boarding platforms
  • Far side bus stations combined with queue jump lanes when needed.

Vote: Ayes: Maio, Moore, Arreguin, Capitelli, Wengraf, Worthington, Wozniak, Bates.  Absent: Anderson. 

Action: M/S/C (Wozniak/Moore) to suspend the rules of procedure and extend the meeting to 11:30 p.m.

Vote: Ayes: Maio, Moore, Arreguin, Capitelli, Wengraf, Worthington, Wozniak, Bates.  Absent: Anderson.

Adjournment: 11:14 p.m.

Council rules limit action on Communications to referral to the City Manager and/or Boards and Commissions for investigation and/or recommendations. All communications submitted to Council are public record. Communications are not published directly to the City’s website. Copies of individual communications are available for viewing at the City Clerk Department and through Records Online.


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