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Department of Public Works

Scheduled Construction Activities
Week of July 25, 2016

Detailed information pertaining to construction projects and related activities within the city.

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  1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Projects

    1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Hopkins St., Peralta Ave., Monterey Ave., The Alameda and Backlines, Boynton Ave and backlines
      Andes Construction
      Project Notice and Maps (.pdf)

      The rehabilitation of the existing sanitary sewer mains, manholes and laterals are complete. Testing of sanitary sewer main and laterals.

      Urgent repair of sanitary sewer main at Berkeley High School - Coating of interior of manhole and pressure tests remain.

    2. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Henry, Terrace Walk, Yolo backline, Eunice, Shattuck, Lincoln, Virginia, California, Cedar, Curtis, Gilman, Neilson, Santa Fe, Stannage backline, Cornell backline, Belvedere, Hearst, and 4th
      Mosto Construction
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Contractor to continue urgent spot repair of existing sanitary sewer mains throughout project area.

      Complete urgent repair/replacement of stand pipe at the Marina lift station #5. Spot repair work at Hearst Ave from Shattuck to La Loma and Oxford at Hearst.

      rdbarrierNote: Please DRIVE SLOW thru the construction area. Please obey all “No Parking” signs posted during construction.

    3. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Francisco, 5th, Curtis, Delaware, Lincoln, Virginia, Sutter, Henry, Hopkins, and Eunice
      Pacific Trenchless
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf) 

      Continue rehabilitation of interior manholes by grouting and epoxy sealing on Francisco Street (1100-1200 block) and Delaware Street (1200 block).
      Start rehabilitation of sanitary sewer main and laterals on Lincoln Street (1500 block).

      rdbarrierNote: Please heed all “No Parking”, temporary directional signs in project area. Please DRIVE SLOW thru the construction area.

  2. Street Paving Projects

    1. FY 2015 Measure M Street Resurfacing and Reconstruction
      Various streets throughout Berkeley - See Project Notice or Location Map
      Gallagher & Burk, Inc.
      Location Map (.pdf)   Project Notice (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Minor concrete work at various locations.

    2. FY 2015 Measure M Surface Seals
      Various streets throughout Berkeley - See Project Notice, Project Map and Street List
      Project Notice (.pdf)  Project Map and Street List
      E-mail link to Project Inspector   E-mail link to Project Engineer

      No scheduled construction activity.

    3. Street Rehabilitation FY 2016
      9th, Belrose, Campus, Claremont Blvd, Codornices, Derby, East Parnassus Ct, Hawthorne Terrace, Heinz, Hilgard, Parker, Piedmont, Piedmont Crescent, Rose, Spruce, Virginia, Warring, West Parnassus Ct
      Granite Rock Company
      Project Notice (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Engineer   E-mail link to Project Inspector

      Upcoming project. Construction start planned for August 1.

  3. Sidewalk & Pathway Repair Projects

    1. FY 2016 Proactive Sidewalk Project
      Various locations throughout the city
      S&H Construction
      E-mail link to Project Engineer  E-mail link to Project Inspector

      No scheduled construction activity.

    2. FY 2016 Responsive Sidewalk Project
      Various locations throughout the city
      ERA Construction
      E-mail link to Project Engineer  E-mail link to Project Inspector

      Work at the following locations:

      2500 block of Durant

  4. Other

    1. Flare Station Replacement and Well Field Upgrades
      11 Spinnaker Way, Cesar Chavez Park
      Innovative Construction Solutions
      E-mail link to Project Engineer   E-mail link to Project Inspector

      No scheduled construction activity. Demolition of old flare to begin week of August 1.

  5. Parks Projects

    1. Ohlone Dog Park
      1801 Hearst Avenue
      Redwood Engineering Construction
      Project Notice  Postcard

      Dog Park Will Be Closed During Construction
      Other areas of Ohlone Park will not be affected and are planned to remain open.

    2. Berkeley Rose Garden
      1201 Euclid Avenue
      HM Construction
      Project Notice  Postcard

      Access May Be Restricted During Construction, see signs posted at the site.
      Trellis – Closed During Construction
      Tennis Court 1 (near restroom) – Planned to remain open during construction
      Tennis Court 2 (next to Court 1) – Planned to remain open during construction
      Practice Tennis Court – Planned to remain open during construction
      Tennis Court 3 (northwest corner of the site) – Closed During Construction
      Tunnel to/from Codornices Park – Closed During Construction
      Restroom – Access limited during construction

    3. Grove Park
      2828 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
      Integra Construction Services

      Upcoming Project
      Tennis Courts – will be Closed During Construction
      Basketball Courts – will be Closed During Construction
      Restrooms – Access limited during construction, Closed At Times.
      Other areas of Grove Park, including the Recreation Center, will not be affected and are planned to remain open.

    4. For information on Parks projects, please visit the Parks Recreation & Waterfront Department.

  6. Outside Agencies' Projects

    1. PG&E
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Orchard Lane, Panoramic Way, Mosswood Road - Gas line replacement project - Orchard Lane complete. Start of work on Panoramic and Mosswood pending.

      Copper service replacements at ~162 locations throughout the city - Restoration asphalt and concrete work in progress.

      Relocate gas lines ahead of upcoming City valley gutter project at the following locations:


      Restoration work and pole replacement work at various small locations throughout the city.

    2. EBMUD
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierRegal/Cragmont; Curtis/Francisco - Lower water mains ahead of upcoming City valley gutter project. Presently working at Curtis/Francisco site.

      rdbarrierCornell Avenue from Gilman Street to Hopkins Street - pipeline replacement.

      rdbarrierDurant/Fulton - Install new services and fire connection for new building.

      Corona Court/Arch/Oak - Remobilization to complete pipeline work and restoration paving pending.

      Mabel Street between 66th and Russell - Pipeline replacement completed. Restoration paving pending.

      Heinz Avenue from 7th Street to West end - restoration paving pending.

      Restoration work at numerous small areas throughout the city.

      Berkeley View Facility Upgrade
      SE corner of Shasta Road and Hill Road (next to Fire Station #7 on Shasta Road)
      EBMUD Community Affairs Office, (510) 287-0140,
      After hours, 1 (866) 403-2683
      EBMUD Public Notice (.pdf)
      EBMUD Public Notice - June 2015 Update (.pdf)

      Replacement of existing pumps, motors, electrical components and internal cranes. Contractor will be using the Shasta Reservoir property at the end of Bay Tree Lane for staging and parking. Construction is now expected to be complete by July 2016.

      For updated information and contacts regarding EBMUD Reservoir Replacement and Transmission Pipeline projects please follow the appropriate link below:

      Panoramic Hill Improvements

      Summit Reservoir Replacement Project (Spruce at Grizzly Peak)

      EBMUD Summit Reservoir Notice - December 2014 (.pdf)
      Summit Reservoir Update Notice - October 2015 (.pdf)

      Wildcat Pipeline Project

    3. AT&T Telephone
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Crews removing old poles throughout Berkeley.
      Investigative and cable pulling work within existing manholes and vaults throughout the city.

    4. Paxio
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Heinz from west end to San Pablo - Installation of telecommunications facilities.

    5. Comcast
      E-mail link to City contact person

      2526 Durant Avenue - installation of new services in sidewalk area.

    6. University of California at Berkeley
      Information provided by
      UC contact person: Christine Shaff
      UC Berkeley Real Estate, (510) 643-4793

      The Cal Aquatic Center
      A new intercollegiate aquatic facility located west of the University Health Service Tang Center at 2222 Bancroft Way. It will consist of three single level buildings surrounding a 52 meter swimming pool with dive tower. Construction is expected to be complete in summer 2016.

      Berkeley Way West
      Construction of a new academic building is underway in the lot bounded by Berkeley Way, Shattuck Ave and Hearst Ave. The building will house the School of Public Health, School of Education, and Department of Psychology. Ground floor retail along Shattuck Ave. is also planned. Construction is scheduled to continue through late 2017.

      Information about campus construction is available on the web at Questions or concerns can be addressed to Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Real Estate, at (510) 643-4793 or Other campus resources include the UC Office of Environment Health and Safety at (510) 642-3073.

In all construction areas:

  • Please observe all "NO PARKING" signs
  • Tie or keep pets away to assure both pet and worker safety
  • Keep children out of work area
  • Dust and noise will be prevalent, please take proper precautions

If you did not find the project you were looking for, it may have moved to the Recently Completed Projects page.

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